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Web 2.0 Expo LogoAnother talk Mikel and I will be giving is Adding Location to Web 2.0 Apps at the O'Reilly Web 2.0 expo, April 15-18, 2007.

It will give an overview of the new and developing tools that web developers can use to incorporate maps, GeoRSS/KML/Microformats, geocoding, and location in general to their applications or services.

In particular, it is focusing on how to make your application's mapping user-centric, by providing a good user interface, and allowing them to use and share their data and get the data they want onto their devices to use while they're out and about experiencing the world.


Adding Location to Web 2.0 Apps

April 15th
18th, 2007
Web 2.0 Expo— at
Moscone West, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA

A companion event to the Web 2.0 Summit, Web 2.0 Expo is the first event specifically designed to help teach Web 2.0 techniques and best practices to people in the trenches directly involved in the design, development, engineering, marketing, and business of second-generation internet technology.

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