Virtual Cars project

... or, "Why it's odd when people do for free what you do for a job."

I just read about Real Virtual Car, a group of guys took a wrecked (correct spelling, unlike the original Make posting) car and turned it into a driving simulator. They're using NASCAR racer, the Phidget interfaces, and some racing wheels. Very nice job.

However, we do the same thing, except probably for a *little* more money. :)

It's amazing how much video games fudge reality to make a game more 'fun' than 'real'. Of course, I myself wouldn't necessarily plop down $60 on a game to replay reality. Dammit, I want cool jumps, fast take off, and flipping collisions!

They also included a link to a free racing simulator, Racer. I'll have to compile this up and see how it runs.

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