What I'm Tracking: Issue the First

I currently have 68 blog post drafts (I don't usually track my productivity v. laziness as well as Ed Vielmetti does) This is a fault of running across a lot of interesting things during my digital travels, starting to foment a post and discussion - saving the draft, and then letting it sit for awhile - usually well past the expiration date, at which point it just becomes a permanent draft.

So in the style of LabNotes, I'm going to periodically drop a quick post on the various topics and ideas I'm tracking. It's kind of a mix of my del.icio.us feed (which I removed auto-posting to this blog, if you want the feed, just get that feed), twitter, tumblr, and my blog reader.

Location Patents that shouldn't have been awarded - Apple recently applied for a Locative Media patent and Google was awarded a Geo-Ranking patent - both of which, on the surface, appear to be common techniques implemented in other systems. But obviously the USPTO knows.

http://my.templated.url/{-prefix|/iscooler/thanWho} - BitWorking has a draft for advanced URI templates that address some of the vocalized shortcomings of the otherwise very powerful, and widely used, OpenSearch. Namely the ability to specify several search endpoints for a single service and also rulesets for additional information required depending on the type of search. This could be very useful for continuing development of RESTful OGC services like WMS and WFS. Check out the Addressable rubygem for easy parsing and template completion of these types of URI's.

GeoAppleTV? - someone wrote a GPS Plugin for AppleTV extensions of AwkwardTV - it's called Road Trip and would be useful for an in-vehicle carputer. Though I still think the MacMini makes a better platform due to the optical drive, full install of OS X, and multiple ports. But the AppleTV is small and boots fast.

?q=open+mobile+software-gphone - It's not really surprising that Google isn't doing hardware, but instead is developing and supporting a mobile software stack. That's what they're good at. Leave chipsets and electronics to the SaMotorachi's of the world (oh, and Apple).

I'll be in Chicago later this week and I am completely psyched about the Chicago Festival of Maps. I'm just annoyed by the lack of GeoRSS/KML export of the events and locations. Looks like I'll need to spend some time on Platial and Mapufacture to make my travel itinerary and access it on my mobile in the field.


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