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Where 2.0 Conference 2008
Are you ready for it?

Where2.0 starts in one week, with the free and avant-garde WhereCamp the weekend after. I think the team pulled together a great program that captures many of the new companies and concepts of the morphing Geographic space.

Unfortunately not everyone that deserves the opportunity to speak got a slot. There are also very few returning speakers - we want to hear from new innovators. The conference is single track - which means we're all part of the same conversation, and talks are already limited to 5-15 minutes so it's a whirlwind of energy and ideas. That's why WhereCamp is the perfect venue to really engage and still share your ideas with a broader community.

Mikel, Steve, and I are giving a workshop essentially talking about Neogeography and integrating geo-data and services into your web applications.

Monday night I'm giving a 20-by-20 (20 slides, 20-seconds per slide) lightning talk at Ignite titled "Building Customized Slices of the GeoWeb". I'll be sure to share the slides (once I've actually made them)

And I also have a couple of other things in the works that will be released as well that I'll be able to talk about soon. Overall it's going to be a really exciting, and crazy week. I'm thrilled looking forward to the inspirations and conversations that will happen at the conferences.

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