Taking up the charge put forth by Tom Steinberg of MySociety.org, and his (more than likely) tongue-in-cheek suggestion that someone take the code underlying Placeopedia (assign geographic locations to Wikipedia articles) and YourHistoryHere (geographic locations of historical facts and interesting tidbits), I am pleased to announce:

WhereIHadMyFirstKiss: Mapping the World's early romanace.

The project was a means by which to learn the structure of the MySociety framework. I've written up a brief HowTo setup a MySociety mapping site in the wiki pages. You're on your own to create graphics (though I could share some tips).

I hope people will find WIHMFK (yay acronyms) a funny, and potentially interesting project in it's own right. Another small oddity produced by the web and people with too much energy/drive and not enough guidance.

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