WikiMedia Map Widgets

Andy Armstrong Wiki Map Widgets that make it incredibly easy for Wiki'ers (is that a word?) to embed maps in Wiki pages.

See the simple markup:


[ The Overwater Lodge]

[ The Miners Arms]

My suggestions:

  1. Use Mapstraction for easy mapping provider switching, including OpenStreetMap support.
  2. Support for GeoRSS layers. Easy way to create a large set of markers from a GeoRSS feed (or KML)
  3. Static image fallback for users without Javascript/slow connections (since Wiki's are not inherently high-bandwidth users)

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Andrew Turner is an advocate of open standards and open data. He is actively involved in many organizations developing and supporting open standards, including OpenStreetMap, Open Geospatial Consortium, Open Web Foundation, OSGeo, and the World Wide Web Consortium. He co-founded CrisisCommons, a community of volunteers that, in coordination with government agencies and disaster response groups, build technology tools to help people in need during and after a crisis such as an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, flood, or wildfire.