Your money on ablums

The breakdown of the cost of a typical high-rpofile new album with a list price of $15.99

  • 17 cents - Musicians' unions
  • 80 cents - Packaging/manufacturing
  • 80 cents - Retail Profit
  • 82 cents - Publishing royalties
  • 90 cents - Distribution
  • $1.60 - Artists' royalties
  • $1.70 - Label profit
  • $2.40 - Marketing/promotion
  • $2.91 - Label overhead
  • $3.89 - Retail overhead

Source: Almighty Institute of Music Retail
Or, in a pretty form:
Album Pie Chart
Besides the rather self-aggrandizing name, here is what the 'institute' does:

The Almighty Institute of Music Retail helps record labels and music retailers better communicate with each other to sell and promote more music.

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