The Hidden Costs of Daylight Saving Time

Most people across the U.S. lost an hour of sleep last weekend. While the reason is the simple “spring forward” to Daylight Saving Time (DST), there are also significant hidden costs to time changes which should make us all lose more sleep. DST is like a bad Product Manager In 1784, Benjamin Franklin suggested that […]

Apple Watch – Internet of Humans

The wristwatch was an invention of convenience for extreme conditions. Previously the pocket watch provided an elegant and portable mechanism for discerning the current time. However increasing complexity of military maneuvers in the 19th century and more civilly and popularly with the advent of planes, pilots wanted precise time measurements without getting in the way. So ingeniously they strapped […]

Building Better Civil Solutions with Agile Government

Modern technology has dramatically increased the pace of software application development. Within hours a single person can now conceive, create and distribute an app to millions of people. Thanks to the global internet, access and updating of these apps occurs automatically and constantly. Products can be prototyped, measured, improved and updated many times a day. […]